How I Cured my Sciatica

Thank god. After an eternity, realistically 12 weeks of absolute torture to what I personally think is perhaps the most painful moment of life, my sciatica has subsided.

I still get a little pinching to the leg and toes when I wake up in the morning and sometimes when I just lie down to bed at night, but for the most part, I do not feel any pain at all. My sciatica started with a simple strain while I was doing my morning jog.

To say such a simple activity and a misstep can give you such terrible pain is unthinkable.

I didn’t tell anyone the good news about a month ago when the pain abated. The reason is that a week prior, I was so happy my pain subsided that I out and told everyone about it.

The problem is the pain came back as quickly as it stopped, in fact, it was then worse. It was a constant throbbing up and down my leg and my calf was extremely painful. So painful that I dare not even touch it.

It was then that I stared popping anti-inflammatory pills like crazy. So I reserved myself from making any form of hasty announcements before I was absolutely certain that the pain was gone forever.

There are many tricks and many exercises that have tried, when I was suffering from sciatica. I am a big sucker for natural cures, and this one was no exception.

One of the biggest players in natural treatment for sciatica is a newly introduced product in 2015 called SciaticaSOS by Glen Johnson. He advises exercises and a daily dietary supplement that boost the body and rectify sciatic nerve compression.

He uses the technique that have been used by the Asian people for thousands of years.

If your pain is not that severe that it warrants a visit to your doctor, or if you have visited your doctor and the pain has not subsided, as in he gave you only anti-inflammatory pills, then be sure to check out Glen Johnson SciaticaSOS. I’m sure you will learn a thing or two about sciatica, including the cause and nifty tricks I was amazed actually exist on how to treat your sciatica in a truly remarkable way.

The author also claims that he can cure sciatica in the week, that’s seven days. Can you believe that? It sounds awesome!

The ebook is not expensive but told and I believe that everyone can afford it. If you can afford a cup of coffee at Starbucks or order a pizza, then you can grab SciaticaSOS at the fraction of that price. It’s well worth it.

How I Cured my Sciatica